Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's not Goodbye...

It's amazing to see how quick 2 years fly. literally. Spending time in K-class had its fun and interesting moments despite the competitiveness that drives me insane. It's really sad to see you people go, just hope you like the Haribo candies and have a good time in class chalet. :)

Just want to share some comments on 4Kudosians. :) Below are my first impressions and last impressions of each K-student and how my image of these classmates have changed over the 2 years, plus some other comments...

(Hmm, I don't think that there really is such a term called 'last-impression'...but it simply means of impression of you people since 6 Nov 2009. 'First impression' refers to what I thought of you since first day of school , 2Jan 2008...)

Shi Yi
First Impression: Lone Wolf, Highly Introverted
Last Impression: Imba freak, powerful debater, Enjoys bullying guys

Thank you for introducing me to Kalafina songs. You have really been an efficient treasurer, thanks once again, though it's a pity that your last job has to be given to Chih Siong. By the way, congratulations for achieving a GPA of 4.o. :) You should really go ask your dad to give you double the reward. :)

First Impression: Tigress, Active participant
Last Impression: Good in judgement, logical reasoner, possess leadership but still a tigress and "dont-you-dare-mess-with-me"type, is angered easily

Without you, I'm quite certain 4K would be late for flag-raising a couple of times. Thanks for all that you've done to keep the class in order. :) I'm also really impressed at your boss-like control over the guys and how you cope with a freaking tight scheldule (NPCC, BSP, class-comm stuff ).


First Impression: Introvert, Gentle
Last Impression: Still an introvert, Silent Worker

I'm not in a position to say this speak up more often! :)
Does Wei-Square and Han Xi bully you often, or maybe in secret, it's the other way round? XD

Qian Ru
First Impression: Scientist, Dares-to-Try type
Last Impression: Humanities Enthusiast, Independent Learner, Self-Centred

Thanks for influencing me to slack less and work harder when we were deskmates. Just don't give yourself too high expectations for tests when your results are already extremely high. Also, do try to work along better with others, especially since you want to become a journalist. :)

First Impression: Joker, Happy-go-Lucky
Last Impression: Imba in the areas of Maths and Sciences, Physically Tough, Naturally Funny

Muaks I love you Ella!!! Kinda sad that we will now have to part but I'm sure we'll continue to keep in touch. On the other hand I will never forgive you for influencing me to read Fairy Tail and Reborn! My addiction and fanitism is beyond cure now... :) PLEASE can u give me some of your athletic abilities? I need them badly for next year's napfa.

Song Jia
First Impression: Never Serious

Last Impression: Class Clown, Optimistic, Mentally Frightening

I swear that even in the deepest levels of hell, your MBTI results is never INTP...It's just impossible...I'm sure everybody's image of you is someone who is forever laughing maniacally. Thanks for cheering the class up and making the classroom a lively place every now and then.

Teng Yan
First Impression: Introvert
Last Impression: Good Dancer, Quiet but Efficient Worker

You also didn't look like the type who would be able to dance until I learnt you are in CS Dance... speaking of hidden talent. By the way, Charmaine told me you are the prettiest PRC girl in 4K. :)

Wan Ying
First Impression: Relaxed Type

Last Impression: Cute, Artistic, Optimistic

Thanks and sorry for all the trouble in helping the class to buy cakes and prezzies for birthday babies and helping to organise events like class chalets. :) Your power of creativity is also a treasured resource of the class too.

Hui Jing
First Impression: Celebrity
Last Impression: Humanities-Imbaist, Possesses an awesome voice in speech and presentation

Are you going to be a news-reporter, lecturer or speaker? Cause you definitely have the right voice. Don't put it to waste...haha. All the best for getting into Greenpeace! :)

Hwee Chian
First Impression: Neat, Meticulous

Last Impression: Hot Chic, Language-Wise, Charismatic

Hey thanks for choreographing all the dances 4K took part in. Teachers' Day dances would not have been possible without you. :) I shall go listen to SHINee songs soon. Damn why do Korean guys have to look so hot?

Ying Ying
First Impression: Clique-ish
Last Impression: Langauge-wise, good blogger, has unique perspectives

I really enjoy reading your blog posts, especially the one on Michael Jackson and other miscellaneous stuff...from your blog entries I know that you have viewpoints that are different from average people yet make good sense at the same time. :)

Huang Cheng
First Impression: Serious, No joke type
Last Impression: Slightly clumsy, kind of cute

First and last impression of you really changed alot. Don't worry though, your degree of clumsiness will never match mine. Having Ella as your deskmate is fun right?

Huang Ching
First Impression: Introvert, very quiet, does not like crowds
Last Impression: Imba, Academic Inclined, goes along well with anybody

Hey you know, from Year 1 to 2, I thought you took Japanese as 3rd Language. It was only in Year 3 then I realised you took French instead. 0.0 Pardon my laginess... By the way, over these last 2 years, I think that Han Xi has influenced you greatly. Not a bad thing though :)...

Han Xi
First Impression: Bookworm
Last Impression: Artistic, Joker

You are a very enjoyable and funny person to be with. Thanks for teaching me how to play card games too. Next time do teach me your method of shuffling the deck. :) "They are intellectual games!" You 'pwned' Mrs Har! Great creativity you have too.. :)

Esther Lim
First Impression: Dilligent, Sociable type,
Last Impression: Language-wise, technological-savvy, rich 'tai-tai'

You are the only Dunmanian who would get to see cheques with $$ amount. :) Lol...
Thank you for bringing me, Ella and Esther Tan to bowl at the Singapore's Swimming Club. I had a great time there. :) Also, you have a great singing voice, there's really something wrong with those judges of Centrestage...

First Impression: Introvert, Quiet, gets bored easily
Last Impression: Good Counseller, Dilligent, Mature though acts like Song Jia sometimes

CHAR!!!!!!!! Thank you for always putting up with me and making me feel better when we were deskmates. It's also cool that you are the youngest in class but yet the most mature. Sometimes you can be really frightening when you turn into your high, extrovert self. Thank you for showing me those magic tricks too! :) You also have the most adorable ambition I have heard of (setting up a bakery and kindergarden)...all the best in succeeding! :)

Liu Xiao
First Impression: Clumsy, Keeps to oneself
Last Impression: Often in dreamland, Quiet

Sorry I didn't really get to know you much over the last 2 years but I think you are smart in some ways, just that people don't really know them. Hope you were not greatly influenced by Ren Jie, which is not going to be mentally healthy. You are also adorable in some ways. :)

First Impression: Gets bored easily, Serious type
Last Impression: Highly Amusing, Kind of like a joker at times, a little clumsy

Haha first and last impression of you are very different. :) Thank you for sacrificing roomspace for our Project Work. The creative product was highly dependent on your effort. :) You are also kind of cute at times too. Good luck for H3 Music!

First Impression: Hardworking
Last Impression: Very Hardworking, Scholarly type

Thank you for always being there for me whenever I was depressed by my results. Your words do heal. Like Qian Ru, you are also my source of motivation in mugging. Thanks for being such an efficient groupmate in the countless projects we have worked in, such as the LA film. :) You are very similar to Hang Yin too...

First Impression: Introvert, Bookworm
Last Impression: Scientist, Dares to speak up

You are one of the few PRCs who are highly active in cheering or any other events involving class participation, teamwork etc. :) Sitting next to you during the school HCL EOYs stressed me out though. You have also shown me that the size of aperson's head dosen't determine intelligence. :)

Esther Tan
First Impression: Emo-ish, Introvert
Last Impression: Nocturnal, Caring, Highly Efficient, Swears easily

I once thought of you as someone who's always pissed and upset cause during the Year 3 Orientation you were giving that annoyed look...but now I thought of you as more of a caring older sister, though sometimes a sleepyhead. :) Project work is never a problem for you... speaking of quality and efficiency. Thanks for the countless stuff you have done for the class too, we really ought to appreciate your effort! :)

Teo Ee
First Impression: Meticulous, Dilligent
Last Impression: Dilligent, Joker, Caring

Our ever cute and caring chariperson!! :) Hey thansk a mole for saving my life during a HCL lesson (it's that day when I forgot to bring my textbook and I needed it deperately since I would be doing a presentation that gave your textbook to me without sparing any consideration for yourself. Besides being such a kind-hearted person, you are also strong in areas of Humanities and Biology. :)

First Impression: Slightly Bitchy :)
Last Impression: Cool and Calm, sporting

I was very scared of you at the beginning though you were one of the first few friends I made in K-Class, and I'm still unsure of the reason why...You are also a nice person to talk to. :) You are also one of the few people I know who enjoy watching horror movies and scaring the daylight out of them. By the way Viv, hope you'll get to meet more guys who can play Volleyball, maybe in your new class next year?

Ruo Nan
First Impression: Clumsy, Keeps to oneself
Last Impression: Oddball, Slightly mentally unwell, Naturally funny

Hello Mama-san!! Even though your pervy ways are detrimental to our mental health, we still love you dearly. <3>

Xie Ying
First Impression: Nerd
Last Impression, Intelligent, Relaxed

From what I heard from Ying Ying, you are extremely smart and grab hold of learned concepts fast. Besides imba-ness in schoolwork you have singing talent too, which surprised many people in the class. It's okay to be obssessed with Jay Chou, even though Ms Lie disapproves of it. :)

First Impression: Curious in Nature, Introvert
Last Impression: Calm, Optimistic,

Similar to Song Jia, you seem to smile alot in class, though sometimes your facial expressions can be very amusing. I also envy people like you you can score 4.0 GPA. :) Thanks for being my table partner during post-exam period. :)

Zuo Yue
First Impression: Serious type
Last Impression: Highly competitive, Imba, Dilligent

You were a great person to talk to, especially during flag-raising, but why did you have to abandon me and stand beside Ruo Nan instead? Lol just joking, but thanks for influencing to try to speak out and ask questions in class, even though I still keep questions to myself. You have been a great friend too, just don't give yourself too much stress in schoolwork. :)

First Imrpession: Notorious, Bully
Last Impression: Slacker, Entertaining, Nice to talk to

You have hidden intelligence, just that you don't know it. You just have to work harder to achieve. Other than your sloth, you are sort of friendly and sporting. Also, thanks for making Maths lessons so much more lively as the class witness Ms Fang's favourite boy being targeted every now and then. :) All the best for Senior High!

Jia Chen
First Impression: Cool
Last Impression: Sleepyhead, Cool and Calm

I know that Ms Koh's voice never fails to drown you in sleep and even though you doze off in so many other lessons, you can still produce good grades, suggesting that paying attention in class does not necessarily have much of an impact...maybe not in senior high.

Jia Ren
First Impression: Clumsy
Last Impression: Language-wise, Road-Runner, though still clumsy

Next time please make space for me to join your group in Mousehunt. I'm still a pitiful novice. :) You are also one of the nicest guys I know in 4K. Even though you have the 'blur' look on your face, you are still the intelligent type. :)

First Impression: Notorious, Bully (similar to Bax)
Last Impression: Friendly, Funny, Dilligent

Is Baxter your lackey, or is he yours? Thanks for entertaining the class every now and then even though sometimes your sense of humour is a little inappropriate. It was also very unexpected that you can actually mug... You and Vivyan are also quite similar in some ways...not sure where, it's just a feeling. Help me say Hi to the 3 prostitutes in your house. :)

Wang Duo
First Impression: Extrovert, pissed off easily
Last Impression: Philosophistic, Introvert

You are like a stranger to me , but judging from the 'chim' books you read, I think that you think uniquely. You also oddly remind me of one of my nerdy cousins...:)

Jin Zhao
First Impression: Clumsy, Shy
Last Impression: Genius

Other than your devastating power in Mathematical calculations, you also possess creativity and savvyness in using Adobe photoshop and Premiere, which helped alot in our PW film. Our group couldn't have done it wothout your editing skills. :) Miss Fang will miss you loads too. :)

Ren Jie
First Impression: Nerd
Last Impression: Slightly Clumsy, Nice Guy, Language-wise

I feel sorry for you for always being screamed at by Shi Yi relating to St John's matters. You may be careless at times, but your actions can be very adorable and amusing, which isn't a really bad thing. :) The NG scenes in your LA film are still very iconic of you. :) You are strong in areas of language too. :) Nice hairstyle by the way...

Chih Siong
First Impression: Nerd
Last Impression: Nerd but Charismatic

Shi Yi would to beg to differ regarding my last impression of you but hey, if you can attract her brother into idolising you and cause her to bother targeting you every now and then, you do have a whole lot of charisma. Besides being annoyingly smart and popular in class, you are also so far the only guy I know who actually brings a mirror to school. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Watching Destination Truth freaked me out. I should have never took Vivyan's advice at her I have the fear of going to the toilet alone at midnight and I do not dare to stare into any mirrors...

Ghosts do not exist...ghosts do not exist...

School is pretty slack now, with so many people playing card games (intellectual games) during certain lesson periods, even though HCL O'Level exam is just around the corner...

On the other hand, reading Reborn made me very happy - Mukuro is finally out of prison!!! <3 It's also great to see that Bayakuran is pissed off... Adios...

I'm also sad that the end of the year is coming I leaving 4K soon...cause my classmates are all kinda interesting and awesome people :)... shall do a post regarding every member of 4K (just some short statements for each classmate).

Sunday, October 18, 2009


My dad is paying me 10 cents for every strand of white hair I pluck from his head. :)

Lol, I thought it was lame at first, but it's actually a neat deal, since that old man has plenty of them. Finding them is easy but it's really a chore to do the plucking, especially when the hair keeps slipping out from my butter-fingers. -.-

Exams are long over and I can't be bothered to do do any revision for HCL...because I have no idea how to and even if I did, I doubt it would enlighten me into scoring higher. The 3hour and 30mins long preparation classes for HCL are also not helping at all. They just dump some mock papers onto our desks and go through them later on. It's no different from daily work. It's good to have practice but then I prefer to have them teach us some techniques to conquer the exam instead of plain going-through. Oh well, whatever it is...there is probably nothing I can really do to pull up my crappy Chinese standard. All day long I'm just watching anime, plucking white hair and mousehunting on Facebook and reading manga, blog entries posted by other classmates.

It will be a miracle if I ever score an A1 for HCL O'Level.

I'm also looking forward to my Shanghai trip in November. :) I don't care if I gain 5kg in weight from eating all the good food there. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Memory & Data

I find it very ridiculous when scientists claim that the wondrous human brain practically remembers everything and has an infinite memory clearly dosen't apply in my context...why do we have to do revision again and again though? Maybe the long lost petabytes of data we have accumulated over our schooling years lies within our brain's subconsciousness, but it's still seemingly useless if the majority of the human species rely more on conscious thought. Wish there was an easy way to reach that infinite limit of memory power...